Europa: Europe’s right-wing populist leaders to confer in Germany

Italy’s Northern League leader, Matteo Salvini, left, French far right leader Marine Le Pen and rightist Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders attend participate in a news conference during a convention of European nationalists last January in Milan. (Antonio Calanni/AP)


January 19 at 5:18 PM

A day after the inauguration of Donald Trump, prominent leaders of Europe’s right-wing populist parties will gather in the German city of Koblenz in what observers see as a show of force targeting the European Union. The meeting gained widespread attention in Germany as the first public get-together of Frauke Petry, chairwoman of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), and Marine Le Pen, president of France’s National Front. Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders and Matteo Salvini of Italy’s Northern League are also set to speak at the one-day conference organized by Marcus Pretzell, an AfD member of the European Parliament.


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