#PeggyGate: The scandal does not stop!



Peggy Knobloch from Lichtenberg disappeared today 16 years ago – 7 May 2001. To this day, no perpetrators can be presented to the public – the real culprit is at liberty!

In an unprecedented commitment, the public had brought to the attention of the public the scandalous approach of the police and the judiciary and demonstrated how to present an innocent as a perpetrator.

The determination of Interior Minister Herrmann in the Bavarian Landtag, that concrete evidence for any misconduct in the course of state prosecution investigations had not resulted, is a true derision!

At the time, as today, despite the insurance of the prosecutor’s office, it is found in all directions that the true background of the disappearance of Peggy Knobloch are concealed.

A committee of inquiry requested by the opposition parties in the Bavarian parliament was prevented by the CSU!