Press release by the Women’s Alliance at the demo on freedom of expression on 24.03.2018 in Kandel!

Foto by: Screenshot
Foto by: Screenshot

In our wonderful community collaboration with “Kandel Is Everywhere”, our goal is to give Germans back their dignity, because only then will they be able to fight effectively against the migration policy of the German government and the UN. Dignity means that you own your past. But it doesn’t mean bowing submissively to everything in the name of shame and guilt.

That, in the process, we’re stirring up a hornets’ nest is made clear by the crowd of anti-fascist demonstrators, whose buses could be seen leaving again after the demo, and by the counter-demonstration held by Malu Dreyer (State Premier of Rhineland-Palatinate) and other dignitaries at Kandel railway station.

The counter-demonstration benefited from excellent technical equipment. The counter-demonstrators were driven to the event in comfortable buses. Even so, there were around 1500 of them compared to 2500 of our supporters, who had to make their own travel arrangements.

Our demo was peaceful at all times and took place in a good, community-spirited atmosphere. Once again, families with children – even infants – were present.

After the demo, we were addressed by an old gentleman from the area around Kandel. He told us that he had come specifically to gain his own impression of things. And he said that the people here were not rightwing hooligans, but “totally normal people”. Yes, that’s what we are, “totally normal people”, who are afraid for their children and their future.

We are articulate and therefore have no need to throw fireworks at the police, who protected us so professionally and wonderfully. Thank you.

It’s always sad to have it confirmed that the churches are against us and how they show this by ringing their bells (Protestant church) or by playing loud, annoying disco music (Diakonie – social welfare organisation of Germany’s Protestant churches). After all, we are Christians and – at a purely commercial level – finance the churches and their employees.

Also, at a purely Biblical level, should they not follow Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son or at least recall the “black sheep”, which was so important to Jesus? For how else are we viewed today if not as “black sheep” or as a herd of “brown sheep”?
We also suspect that jamming transmitters were once again set up to interfere with our live webcast. How sad. Just what has become of us?

Nevertheless, we will not give up. We see ourselves like ocean waves, constantly lapping against a thick-walled dam. We can already make out small cracks – supported by the activities that are taking place everywhere across the country.
The small cracks will widen, at first slowly and then ever faster, until the dam breaks. To achieve this, it’s worth fighting and letting yourself be sworn at.

We thank all our fellow campaigners and supporters – above all our friends in eastern Germany, who broke the ice for us.
We also thank all those who write us their words of encouragement. In this way, we know that we are not alone and that it’s worth carrying on.





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