Psychiatry-Guantanamo: Michael Perez has to receive family visit naked at the lattice door of the single cell (KIR)!

Michael Perez



Family visit on Sunday the 04.06.17!

Michael had not called the past week, so we did not know if he wanted to visit or not. My mother then called on Saturday and she was told that he could not get out of his cell, he would throw things against the door.

Suddenly, suddenly, but we could visit him. I thought it was funny, because I know from the past that he was never allowed to visit. Well we went there and arrived at station. A nurse took us aside and said, „Today the visit takes place somewhere else.“

My mother and I were amazed, but afterwards, they followed the woman in the direction of the corridor where the insulation cells (KIR) are located. Then the nurse said that you’re close to us, if there’s anything. I looked at her and said she did not need it, because we certainly do not fear. She said it was because of the other patients, who probably noticed during this whole visit the course not to enter.

She unlocked Micha’s cell door and we were met by a garbage that hung between the door and the lattice. In me, it started already to boil, then I looked into the cell and saw Michael, completely naked lying on a foam mattress. This mattress has probably noticed a washable cover, you can imagine how cold that must be on the skin.

No blanket, nothing. I called him and he jumped up in shock, had not expected us today. As I already knew that this was a situation provoked by the clinic to make us think Michael was sick. But this shot went backwards. I was on 180 and could not hold back this time. The nurse wanted to talk to me before Michael could tell me, I said that she wanted to stand a distance, she went back a few steps.

Michael told us then that since Saturday morning no one has reacted to his ringing and shouting, the last time was on Friday, this coincides with the statement on the phone and the nurse. He could not go back to the farm, so he could not eat or drink. He was not allowed to do his hygiene, because when he wanted to clean his cell, his water was turned off.

He even asked for handcuffs to leave him in the yard. And he does not care because he has not had any fresh underwear for days. He says all his new underwear are out of the cell, he does not get any. I do not have to doubt this statement because I’ve seen it.

That was what caused the barrel to overflow, I turned around and asked already something louder what should be what this is for a condition. Then came another nurse and said if I further offended her, the visit would be finished. What do I have? You offended? Well, if this is already an offense I do not have to wonder about the way that is always written. This meant that you had opened the door today and he would have spit at you, it would be normal for no one to go.

So that was the moment when I came right up. I said this damn door today, no one has opened, otherwise it would have met them and her colleague also said that since yesterday no one was at the door, why are they lying to me. She looks away and asks: „Mr. Perez, do they want their coffee and cake?“ And walks away.

Every damn sentence from their mouths drove me to the top. So far I have always held back but when I saw this and my mother, who did not come out of the shock, it was easy enough. I turned to the nurse and said I would now like a few answers, where is his clothes? She: „Mr. Perez has a wardrobe.“ I said, „Where is his clothes, I asked „You: Mr. Perez they have a closet, he can be there normally.“ I: Yes, he can be there normally, but if you do not leave him out of the cell, then apparently not, and then it’s her damn job At least through the bars a fresh underpants!

They tell me they just make your job? Then they do their job right, or they’re out of place here. „She: You know, I do it all day, just my job! Me: So you just do your job? Certainly? But you know who you are talking to? I’ve read all the files, all! Also the patient documentation in the stands: He has laid a large egg or he gockelt over the court …. Is this her job? Yes? Then please show me what textbook that is, maybe I can learn something about it …

Then it was quiet and she went away again. It basically wipes out any question …. This proves to me a lot. But that was not enough. I confronted her with the situation, what if he is bad or otherwise, and no one reacts to his fucking ring, then do they have him on their conscience because they only do their job? Again silence … I said that sadists work here, whether she has a heart and a conscience, whether she can still sleep peacefully at night?

My mother asked if she had children? Not a single answer was given to any matter. What they wanted to do to see if they were serious about this? Whether she wants to tell me that this black hard mess just since yesterday is and whether Michael the whole complete corridor has filmed from the closed cell?

So far this has been the first time we have ever been allowed to enter this passage or have seen the cell. I told her that she certainly does not have to tell me about my brother and that this action confirms me in my opinion to the hospital only further. Since they have mastered their job, they tell me how long is such a cell designed? No Answer. I tell you, four damn weeks and how long is Michael in there now?

On 16.06.17 it is exactly 2 years. The consequences of such isolation, I do not have to explain to them yet, or? And they have seriously thought, this action changes our view to Michael? Then they are even more stupid than I thought. I was as I said on 180 and it was me at the moment synonymous whether the me rausschmeiss. There are things that have to be said. Michael told us he wanted the pictures of the surveillance camera out of the room, as came from the nurse who is defective … Michael said they have last week.

Then it was over, they tell me that is broken and let him ring almost 2 complete days and call and knock? This is absurd, if what happened to him they have on their pure conscience. She comes to me soberly and says: „You are quite excited!“ What am I? Excited? I think I’ll be back when I get out of here, I’ll need half an hour to go back and tell me I’m excited. „I just wanted to tell them! … Thank God, without you I would never have thought of it, we would still measure the pulse, then we know it exactly? „I asked further, a HEALANSTALT is that supposed to be? You believe you help him?

Yes, then they answer me the question, why in 4 years you have not even tried to change the therapist? From the beginning, you write over and over again that there is no trust … Why do not you change? I tell them they do not want to help him, they want to destroy him to save their own fake ass. Rest … This whole situation was so absurd, a garbage bag lay between the grids and the steel door, he was supposed to clear it … How can he do that, between the grid and door are only 20 cm square when this is closed. I said this is still chicane on top of it, something like that.


Michael told us that he already said last week that he did not want to visit and by the Rufampel again .. This situation was deliberately provoked and that makes it much more absurd. This was not only bad for me, it was very cruel for my mother, so she could hardly say a word, where she always says something that may have been due to my tirade. But if you stand there and look like your own mother with such a look you have the tears in the eyes when she asked if she has children, then one can at some time no more than to make itself air. It was equally bad for Michael that we saw him in this helpless situation.

But that’s the clinic no matter who want the. Normally it should be in their interest that the relatives do not see him so. But in their interest is only what could be negative for the patient. Where they are with us at the wrong address.

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