Psychiatry diary of Michael Perez: uncensored Brandbrief part 1 to 7 out of the insane asylum (isolation room)?

By behoerdenstress13

Michael Perez

Michael Perez

Part 1:

Mr … ..gibt rules for the Vengeful nurses at the hospital (asylum).

When I arrived in Nice Good, was the provision nor I a week on weekdays 3 cigarettes and 2 coffee on the KiR (crisis intervention room) get on.

Today we have the 09/19/2015 – weekend, there is the provision 6 cigarettes and 3 coffee. That provision is there, right? Or can that change again simply to suit your mood? I find Mr …… has made very vindictive and powerful in front of me and says, Lord … (senior physician) has also allowed them only 3 cigarettes a day on weekends.

Yes where are only the love and cute regulations from the station all right? But Mr … (senior doctor) is indeed new senior physician at G3. The last Hr … has already made the bending.

But when Mr … (new senior physician) is the station prescription changed to suit your mood. To prick people and to make aggressive to suppress until he is aggressive.

It makes those where stand tall as a fun, exploit the nursing staff to the patient to drive at the ceiling.

Perhaps Mr …. (new senior physician) as well as where support something, been bullied a lot …. Well that’s just as if you walk so snooty through life. In my opinion this is not a man used to the patient to squeeze someone of the nursing staff and press. He is a really boastful man who does not do not have to get your hands or thoughts broken. Just as those who conduct Cute Good and lead (vengeful)

Suppress Gradually the patient.

And the nursing staff must not treat kindly, even after station right … .because so make top hospital rules, as they please.



Not according to the law or according to the German needy Rechtslegung.

Now I’ve noticed that they worsen even more (suppress).

I get now only biscuits bowls and spoons where the food is inside, of course, high-boiling anger with me.

I finally give up and do nothing about it. But that can me times. I will still continue to speak my mind. That’s everything I have left. And I still stand by myself. I will not let me turn the words in your mouth.

My Word must bring what good times but. It can not only get shit out of my mouth. Everything I’m doing just so I still stand by my self. For me, though a risk but for me to stay with me, I do it. ‘M sweet and nice, thinking intrigues by the nursing staff I do not notice. That’s what the higher. The where I stand as sick to bring my life in their hands. That’s what a mess the plan with me, but since have with me no chance. I Wish the intrigues lead of the Supreme the asylum. To still make the insane madman and continue as fully abbern (for I am sorry) itself vollpumpen leave with freshly squeezed juices and pills and depot syringes .. I got me the body is not trained, I me whatnot him for something. It lengthens me very much on when I’m in my case, and everything jot – retaining writing.

It’s been a great burden for me, how they deal with me and what I have to endure.

But I will not give out here to come and live.

They’re not quite himself in the matter.

“Therapy” = fear, oppression, torture, maltreatment, assault, coercion and low elongation.

Because apparently the German government gives them the rights.

Part 2:

Now it’s noon, I know because I have addressed Hr …, 13:50. Statement from him, so when I talk to him and recommended him these abuses, then no prison yard, nix. That was a shock for me, one of which must respect the right.

I keep my fingers Rufampel and wanted to stay with me, Mr …. has also noticed yet and I said, will you not take me the cigarettes completely gone, like the bed, but that I have not mentioned.

Mr. …. it has failed to act still illegal, he did not give me my 5 cigarettes a day, at least now the whole week. But when I’m fixed, then no week.

Although hard, but I have to then, also because of hygiene, because I have addressed that.

I do not make me a fool and will not let the do they do that out of me.

Anyways this bloodbath for venipuncture. It was undermined everything with me, who can not even draw blood, it seems so than those veins would specially sting away. Because then you have to stay not so good circulation longer and medicines highly potent and the body does not lose the addiction. Since making the tablets Companies who choose the mental hospital operator, with powerful money and paid the German government and paid as on.

I think here’s what in the bush in an asylum, as in warrant “Russian Roulette”. The people who run the store here and intrigue intrigues plan for Euros, which is a human life shit. Her power lays also on all decent only because the fucking money.

Although I’m not afraid!

But I’m worried about my family, I can now but very much not withstand, because the do not know what we need to plug in here, and they should not.

Part 3:

I am surprised that the shit is not noticed until now. But I’ll give nothing on what they say.

As the Supreme be made to the Supreme and all because of the money. The make consistently delinquent one thinks we were in Siberia.

That’s what, what the driving here in an asylum. What Kaoten. I complain everywhere but think I’m the idiot, too stupid to what to achieve. Think I do not know the legal system of Germany, because I’m only a special student. The worry at all, only for confusion, because that is their own and only weapon.

To make the German courts as a fool, the spiders themselves, and they are always my something better than me, mainly from the insane asylum.

But everything falls sometime at times!

The still want what I think I was stupid and stupid. Here the staff want to not even speak German and tell me something I do not understand. But not because I’m stupid, but just because I speak only German. Do not know the German rights or do not want and do it as it suits them. The here leading to the asylum this, are indeed glad drum when the carry on like this.

But I did not let me in vain necessary so, I have, after all that out. Let’s see if they are still nice to me, I let myself not kidding because of which are the look for another.

The scared and do not want that something comes out that you know what is going on you here.

I have just had a confrontation with one who did not even work here anymore. They picked up my package at the gate that was lunch, I have addressed at 15:00 clock again. Because I get the statement even though they knew that my drinks in there are, they would now come into the KIR no longer backwards. Although I am thirsty. Is matter where they would come only in the evening.

In the evening I had the same problem, I said that apparently only shit comes out of my mouth, and she is always right. They want to always be right and always when I ask something I get a clumsy response.

The call, people find a way to white and to help.

They have not all there at Posy, not only want to always be right. The simply take the right.

Sometimes when I press the call light, I always get the message, the other also press, then you can not see when I press.

Now is evening and I am waiting for my 5 cigarette. If I may in the yard, then I’ll quickly and smoke 2 cigarettes but I have not often Hof! Fixed bed!

From suppressive staff.

I’m waiting now for the next announcement from the crafty nurses. Now is 21:15, normal come the weekend at 21:00 clock, in the week at 21:30 clock!

Part 4:

The do not come to work to work, no make still prefer a chat but privately. I just again pressed the call lights, 21:25 clock no cigarette.

21:40 clock they came with 5 cigarette, I’m after a 6 cigarette demand.

No they do not get this relaxation they have not!


That was a day now, everything. Imagine not days before the more I do not do it well.


P.S. I just got up, we have approximately 6:30 clock. The just do not surrender to 8:00 clock then breakfast and then take the first cigarette hoped, then at 13:00 clock, then at 15:00 clock, at 19:00 clock and the last at 21:00 clock. The sprint pig dog and pig dog inside, make with illegal money, not too little.

Receiving money for stupid rumhocken and fun to chat. The do not have time to come to smoke but all sitting on the same cell get their cigarettes. Then the prison yard do not even an hour usually only 30 minutes.

Then again for a chat and gossip, so the nursing staff has been here a lot of work.

Once when I asked, who can actually come up with the Vengeful rule they said, we come definitely not go outside in such stupid questions, which will be covered in the handover.

The deciding all on your mood, which is now but just my opinion.

(Note from me: From here he writes on white paper without lines that he drew himself)

In the morning I have the reputation of traffic lights down to my writing paper to get, because the shit together me, there were many nurses at the call lights, because I’ll go again high, making me all the time aggressively. What it is for an issue to give me my writing paper, let them have it easy here. What can I do with it? Build paper airplanes?

Always the same statement, vote only their words and Mr Perez babbling just garbage, he is also on KIR in the Iso cell.

We now have 8:30, who were just having breakfast there, 2 small breads and jam, what else can I get here that my I have enough reserves in the body. Were your own fault that there are muscles. What does that have to do with nutrition.

I’m waiting for my cigarette. I’m already awake since 6:30 and now time is 9:00 clock. Since who splashed me, I’m on high-Potent. I can not sleep and sleep also takes a long time, so I stay up for a cigarette, since the syringe, the seconds are getting longer and I can barely sit still. But supposedly reassuring to the act. Shit it’s injury did I say that I do not want it, which is damn easy chased the spray clean and fast again for a chat and gossip.

Part 5:

I feel like in Siberia, one makes on hard ….

I’ll do it to stay with me and I which do not have to lick the ass and kiss the feet.

So now I finally had my cigarette, the next visit at 13:00 clock, as I said one day before. Whether there Hofgang?

I press time the call light and ask for! I’ll have to go with belly bondage. At 09:35 clock I finally a statement: It would only be a guard on duty.

I said she should nevertheless times press the alarm button, which might come and join me in the court of the cell, rather than to fix the bed !!

That would make sense!

Anyways with belly bondage where the waist strap is black and the shackles with red belt with bracelets like the police, pulled to the sides of the body. In the courtyard they are then loosened a bit for smoking. How nice!

But as it is only 1 man on station? That is perhaps ½ hrs. Hofgang. If the ever come !!!

First intended visit, the Upper Prof. perhaps makes me an announcement in which they proceed again as in Siberia. But I have to stay with me so my words are also what. Then there’s just not a walk in the yard. But that decide together which of the station together with the Doctor, the chat and gossip, how to me next necessary.

It would be just just before lunch. I have all the time the reputation of traffic lights down since 10:00 clock because since the 1 hr. Break is over by the nursing staff, but no response. Only at 13:00 clock with 2 cigarette, after all, on time.

There might still be a Professor, … come before my visit. Then I say again what I think and what is going wrong here. The blabber me anyway always a front that shit alls.

Because my words are nothing anyway, I’m supposed to get sick. Since that has no value anyway. What that’s about, so from a man his words. Justifications especially by Mr. Perez do not count.

Now is lunch! Bon appetit, meal myself !!!

The others have now been summoned to dinner, so everyone needs to come … ..

Part 6:

When eating the clinic needs to complete the smoking room 30 minutes, the decision of a senior physician Dr. ……., Thus all go out to eat.

On the open station, the smoking is not completed and since you can then yes calmly throw away the food, if not all come. Fun J

The are already here on G1 / 2/3 with neuroleptics trimmed to eat, because you have to the secondary station that smoking no longer conclude that eating like pigs whenever they can.

It has been Fr. G …. complained about me, I would have been too verbally this morning, she is the facilitator. The well titled and lying, I would have said my butt goes from farting and coughing on … .What a shit I’ve never said something like that, but maybe it’s in their way. I know not how that comes to something like that, in the letter which she performs.

That’s a shit what the permit here. I do not know what comes of it all.

Otherwise she is always nice and try something to see Mr. Perez to put a rope around his neck.

I always do what I’m sweet and nice to her but today she showed me one that you can do to sweet and nice but it is exploited here.

I will not let me do it anyway mistaken.

I’ll tell you now already 7 years that I did not have a pointed object, I have the only one blue eye boxed, yes that was wrong but the lies here. Well that’s been out of my home my dear neighborhood. The ever so lovingly came up to me and makes interviews at my visit. Where they come from and what they do with me? But that seems to be quite normal when something makes the neighborhood. I do not know but something I do not normally.

The time now is 13:10 clock, I pressed the call traffic light, because Fr. G … the visit was to me now deleted

I had but the time to say, otherwise hear the never on. For suspected cases constantly add more items. To keep myself more unlawful in the lunatic asylum. Let’s see what they are now again allow for the opinion, perhaps my ears go then to the arm lift and when blowing your nose ?! You never know….

I have told Mrs G., from what they think as a suspected case, maybe it was a folding knife in his fist to the curing agent to make, it’s a lie but I thought maybe it gets me out of here.

Because, now it comes, could so not have been, now go out of screwdriver or similar object, constantly it changes and of course I can not say what it was, because I had nothing but my own, but the do not want to hear it as well. Lying was never my strong point but I thought that want to hear … although .It was a risk for me but I had to go and try it out simply. Otherwise hears not on who to judge any power over me to commit to me an injury and me to inject the shit forced medication, without which it is legal but they do it anyway. Now I look on and listen carefully and write further on comes to visit.

Part 7:

I have the Hr. Dr. Prof. B. tells what happened yesterday, but that does not matter in which. I completely objectively spoken to him, but he does not feel responsible for me, even though he is Doctor of the whole house.

What also still feel now confirmed, when I write. I write not only since yesterday, I write everything on what happened and the rest I am afraid to put in the hands of my youngest sister.

Eventually those stupid surveys must stop even once. But as I have spoken to me Fr. G, I’m back and I say that here something is going wrong in my eyes and you can perform so no hospital (asylum). But I do not believe that the anything from the write down what I tell her, because their opinion of all is always the same, it’s all about these neuroleptics no longer, because the need to listen not here.

Perhaps even Mr. S. what to do with it, I have all noticed so late, also has passed the 1 external appraisals so, otherwise I would have come sooner it all write once.

But they are also not stupid here, then speak always normal with me and treat me like everyone always when someone comes from outside. Not stupid but Link, all still make the 1 external experts, to send the opinion of them to the witness, how is this going as independently appraised the ?! So what of the link !!!

They do have a bad game with me.

It always is, Mr. Perez was or is in delusion, no matter whom, no matter who talks to me or what I say, everything in delusion.

We now have 14:30 clock, 15:00 clock is soon then I get my 3 cigarette. But Ms G was all the time so nice and made me no longer plan addressed, I thought who wants to help me now. But so did not I thought to myself, I thought that comes more often the facilitator. Is yes now do not care I was still hintendran.

So I’ve just smoked, the next again only at 19 clock. As long as I listen to BFM. Radio, after all that I have and do what keeps me well with me.


I have now finally my package from the family, 3 x Repair coffee and 50 packs quench (drinks) and 50.00 €.

I do not want a lot of demand from home, I am ashamed.

If I have to scrounge permanently, so I was not brought up by my parents.

I know that make love, but for me the feeling is therefore still not good, I am a burden to them. Although they deny it, I feel like that. But I’m here in the insane asylum, here you do not get a lot of the work they have put me in Alzey.

The others get “labor compensation” or they call it occupational therapy, get ready for hard work about 80-90 € per month. I have which paved the yard, I’ve liked to do so I came out at least and could also smoke. Well I’ve got nothing for it, and actually, I’m loud which also too stupid for the job and my muscles would then also be more. I do not want to let me out of where necessary.

But the evaluations also enter in the lunatic asylum, for me! Also in the work therapy in the sheltered workshops. Mark the people when they make spastic shot with high-potent.

Have just the reputation operated traffic lights and asked for a toothbrush and paste, because I’m probably not today from my cell 09/20/2015.

Likewise, after a water extractor, because I have washed myself with cold water. They come only to fix the bed, but not for hygiene, which is meaningless for them.

Only emergencies must be carried out.


More parts will follow!

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: Psychiatry diary of Michael Perez: uncensored Brandbrief part 1 to 7 out of the insane asylum (isolation room)?